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Whitney Houston, Greatest Hits (Cd 1 – Throw Down) Full Album Zip

.Philosopher’s Ambassadors: A Tale of Two Cities

As the philosopher’s ambassador to the world, I’ve seen everything, yet nothing. I’ve traveled the globe without jet lag, speaking to audiences ranging from a hundred to a hundred thousand. I have never been tired, nor have I ever been hungry or cold. I can be had the world over. The beer is always cold. I am really the only One in the room. It’s a good gig for a philosopher, at any rate.

Philosopher’s Ambassadors is a rare opportunity to see behind the curtain. How does the great playwright have a seat in his theater? How can one have an audience without being recognizable? Philosopher’s Ambassadors pulls back the curtain to bring you inside the zoo.

Today I’m sitting on my boat at the opening of the Philosophy Festival. I’m speaking on behalf of the Philosopher’s Ambassadors, a new organization that will make philosophy accessible to people across the globe through speaker tours and other programs, from London to Las Vegas to New Delhi. With every sign I pass, a billboard advertising the Philosopher’s Ambassadors is displayed, proclaiming “philosophy is for everybody.”

As those billboards take me to my boat, an osprey takes to the sky. This is the first time I have seen one, and it is quite a sight. It’s like the other bird he is chasing, only he hasn’t caught it yet. He is chasing, in other words, for its own sake, not merely to catch and eat.

I will be teaching a series of classes beginning in February, and in June, I will be on a tour of the United States, visiting universities and speaking to high school students. This is where you come in: If you want to be a part of it, give us your email and I’ll send you some details about the different programs and details about the philosophy of the scene.

The philosophy of the scene is the philosophy of Austin, Texas. I’m an Austin native, and being as it is a slightly unusual place, it has more to teach me than I’ve ever had a chance to learn. I am fortunate to be here at the end of the 2012 holiday season for the opening of the festival, and I’m looking forward to exploring both the festival


Speakin is a search-engine optimized platform for music sharing – but also a intelligent social network.Photoinitiated Electroless Deposition of Silver from H2Pt-Ni Electrolyte via Ptn-Pt Synthesis.
A process has been developed for the electroless deposition of silver at low overpotentials on an electrode surface in a photoelectrochemical cell. The process is based on the photodeposition of Pt catalyst from H2Pt-Ni electrolyte. A thin film of 0.5 μm Pt is deposited on a Ti electrode, and a gradient in the concentration of Pt across this Pt film can be generated by a stepwise increase in the thickness of the electrolyte. When the Pt film is activated by visible light, a photoelectrochemical cell is established in which the silver deposition and removal occurs. The deposition of silver is governed by the differential concentration of Pt and the equilibrium concentration of silver which is formed by the reduction of silver ions with electrons from the activated Ti electrode. The corrosion of the Ti electrode is controlled by the hydrogen evolution, and the production of the hydrogen proceeds via a photochemical process which is based on the photolysis of water. The action potential of the cell has been found to lie between -0.65 and +0.75 V vs NHE, with the optimum potential in the vicinity of +0.40 V vs NHE, and this process can be run in the open circuit mode without loss in stability.Q:

Combine several pandas dataframes in a single step

I have 4 dataframes that look like this:

and I want to combine them all into a single dataframe that looks like this:

How can I do this in one step?
This is what I have so far:
cols = [‘score’,’station’, ‘time’,’sport’] combined = pd.concat(dfs, keys=cols)


You can use melt then drop_duplicates:
dfs = [df1, df2, df3, df4]

df = pd.melt(dfs, id_vars=[‘col1’, ‘col2′], var_name=’var1’)\
.drop_duplicates(subset=[[‘var1’, ‘col1’, ‘col2’], [‘time’,’score

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