V-Ray Next V4.1002 For 3ds Max 2019 (x64) Crack NEW! [Latest]

V-Ray Next V4.1002 For 3ds Max 2019 (x64) Crack NEW! [Latest]


V-Ray Next V4.1002 For 3ds Max 2019 (x64) Crack [Latest]

Creating new features for Maya, V-Ray and more will be done by making use of the powerful tools offered by them, and that is the reason the upgraded version of 3ds Max v2019 v4.1 contains many new features.Q:

Why is the space time metric non-dynamical?

[I have been reading Adam Gautier’s book “Geometrodynamics” and came across a concept that I don’t understand.] Why is the space time metric non-dynamical? He says that “any physical quantity is independent of the choice of coordinates”.
I am not a physicist so I am basing my question on what is described in books and lectures.
An example that I have seen in the lectures is that, if $\phi$ is some scalar potential of the scalar field then $\phi$ is independent of the choice of coordinates.
But, in my opinion if you choose a coordinate system then the metric will change and hence $\phi$ will change.
I could be wrong, but I don’t understand why no dynamical equations will be derived.


Conformal invariance implies that for a conformally invariant action, the physical quantities that can appear in the action are independent of the choice of coordinates.
To quote Wikipedia:

In general relativity, conformal invariance requires the action of
gravitational theory to be invariant under general coordinate
transformations of the metric tensor… Thus, given a theory of
gravity that is conformally invariant, physical quantities such as the
energy momentum tensor, graviton field strength tensor, etc. do not
depend on the choice of coordinates.

So given that the action is conformally invariant (note that it’s not conformal symmetry which is required), then the metric is not subject to any further dynamical equations.
This is analogous to transforming the coordinate system in which we solve our partial differential equations. Even though changing coordinates might change the form of the solution to some extent, since we also changed the metric, the solution itself will be exactly the same.

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