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How to check if character followed by one or two digits is a number in PHP

I am trying to validate each character in a string separated by commas. The validation should be done only if the last character is a number, which will be added to a total sum.
Let’s say I have this text: $str = ‘3, 12.’ (can be a maximum of 2 commas) and I have to check if this ‘3’ is followed by a number (positive or negative).
The conditions are:

$str == ‘3, 12.’ => ok
$str == ‘3, 12’ => ok
$str == ‘3 12, 12 => not ok
$str == ‘3, 12. => not ok

‘3’ followed by a number is not ok.

How can I do it?
I’ve tried this:
preg_match(‘/^[0-9]+$/’, $str)

But it doesn’t seem to work


if (strpos($str,’,’) == -1)

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