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A crack group preparing to release a full version of the game via crack can be a major source of frustration when trying to trick the public to the good working version. Mervyn Holland has spent a lot of time creating the game and it is not easy to leave the crack. The best crack group usually requires several weeks of hard work to find the balance right between the fan and the pro. We are proud to tell you that the universe of Metal gear Solid 5 is getting the first version of the best cracked version so that you can start enjoying playing.

Our crack team is working hard to create crack for all the game with two months from the official announcement. We have spent several months in this project to make it happen and give you the best version of the game with no virus or adware.

This version of the game has been prepared by an experienced crack team and we are ready to release it to the public. The game functions and also compares with the official gameplay and also it has been tested and stabilized. We make sure that everything is right with this version of the game and it should work for you.

The only exception is that we will not be available for direct support and the crack will not have save game feature. But that should not affect your game, this version will work just fine. Our crack will be handy when you go through the tutorial level and get bored to play the main level.

We will release our crack in just two months from the official announcement.Preston City Council

The Preston City Council is the local authority of Preston, Lancashire, England. It was created under a 1958 Act of Parliament and represents the most populous area of Lancashire on the North West of England. The council consists of 25 councillors (elected every four years) and is chaired by the Lord Mayor of Preston.

The council is currently controlled by the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party has never won a majority on the council. The first time this occurred was in 2012 and the second time was in 2016.


Local Elections

Political control
Since the first election to the council in 1973 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:

Council elections
1973 Preston City Council election
1976 Preston City Council election
1979 Preston City Council election (New ward boundaries)
1980 Preston City Council election
1982 Preston City Council election
1983 Preston City Council election

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