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Quick Report Delphi Xe8 Crack ((TOP)) ❕


Quick Report Delphi Xe8 Crack

Thanks for all your answers, I finally found what I was looking for. I guess my question was somewhat vague.
I was trying to update my Delphi 7 application to Delphi XE. I installed the XE2, and everything seems to work fine except that I also have the QuickReport Component up to version 7, and it looks like the newer version of QR6 requires a version of Delphi that is higher than what I have installed (Delphi XE). So I was wondering if some how I could compile and use it for XE? If so, how?


The components compatible with Delphi XE are those with the new syntax and names.
If you can change the QuickReport component to use the new naming then you can use it.


Check this:

And add this directive in your project file

After that, you need to copy all *.qr files to the bin folder.

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