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From having multiple explorer processes running idle and consuming CPU power and having dozens of programs run simultaneously, thus leading to insufficient system resources to damaged hard discs and virus infections, there are numerous reasons why Windows Explorer can crash unexpectedly.
OFBM is a tiny tool designed to help you avert the irritating situation when explorer.exe crashes and closes all folders that you had opened.
The save is automatic, but you can also save manually
The application does not require installation, but rather you can decompress the archive and start using it right away. The utility can be accessed from the System Tray and it comes with a rugged, yet user-friendly interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles.
The GUI consists of two areas, one where you can preview the list of backups you created and another where you can access the restore function or close the directories that are currently opened.
As far as the saving is concerned, the program is designed to create automatic backups at regular intervals, so you do not worry about this aspect while focusing on your work. Then again, you can also save manually whenever you prefer.
A tool that creates backups, so you can restore anytime
It is worth mentioning that you can open any backup you created automatically or manually beforehand. However, if you made several saves, then this may be slightly problematic since the tool does not let you add a name for each of them. Therefore, you need to remember the approximate time that you created the save along with the date and number of folders, if possible.
Even though the application restores the previous explorer session, you should bear in mind that it is not designed to address the cause of the crash. Consequentially, if you are experiencing crashes and errors frequently, it is recommended that you check your system thoroughly for malware, physical damage or other causes responsible for this.
In the eventuality that you are not a big fan of file management tools, but you want to make sure that you can restore all directories you had open before the Explorer.exe crash occurred, then perhaps OFBM could come in handy









OFBM Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code [2022]

Save your explorer windows and address book by making a full backup using OFBM.
Create a backup of your active explorer windows and address book on your computer.
Make restore of your saved data from a recent backup is more convenient and easier.
OFBM has powerful functions.
1. Explore-related information, such as the last open address book, explorer windows, and windows properties.
2. Make a list of the explorer windows and address book.
3. Open the restore windows from a recent backup that a backup is stored in an external drive.
4. Remove the explorer windows and restore explorer windows to the default folders.
OFBM Features :
The program consists of two windows which explain the option of the latest backup and have a list of relevant information.
It can work offline and after online use it can also offer automatic backups at a regular time.
It can open many different types of files and export to various types of formats.
OFBM has a lot of tools to maintain and protect your computer.

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Operating system requirements :
Windows XP SP2 or later
Windows Vista SP2 or later
Windows 7 SP1 or later

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OFBM Crack Activation

OFBM is a very simple program. You can select to restore a specific
folder or select all of your saved folders.
You can create auto-backup folders at regular intervals. OFBM can
restore your old explorer windows.
When window is closed, it will create a backup. And when you close
this backup, it will restore your old files and folder.
File manager for Windows Vista, 7 and 8. It can automatically backup explorer.exe and open many old directory. You can also save it to your computer as a file.
Note: For third-party file managers which are cheaper and easier to use, we recommend: FileAlligator
Key Features:
+ Auto-save feature
+ Easy-to-use interface
+ Compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and 8
+ Ability to create backups
+ Can create reminders
+ Compatible with Windows Explorer
+ Compatible with EXE format
+ Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
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OFBM Crack +

A program that ensures that you can open all folders you had opened while Explorer was running without experiencing any crashes.
If you have the need to make a backup of your current session, you can do that easily with this application. Moreover, if you want to make a backup of all the folders that you open frequently and are not concerned with the time, this is a good tool for you.
A reliable, yet extremely easy to use utility that you can rely on
At the same time, the program is fairly easy to operate and does not require any sort of training. Therefore, you should not worry if you are not familiar with the file managers or you have no time to learn the basics.
The application is designed to offer a handful of features but it is also a budget utility that you can rely on.

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What’s New in the?

The backup can be opened from the System Tray, so you will not have to leave the current application or window

You can manually add new backups or restore them whenever you want.

A useful backup utility that automatically saves folders, so you do not have to bother with that anymore

OFBM Features:

Create automatic backups at regular intervals

Provide the ability to restore any saved folder

Easily open any saved backup

Automatically save the active document window so that you do not have to worry about that

Manual saving of folders can be done whenever you wish to do that

The software is simple, intuitive and robust, so you will never have troubles while using it

OFBM Latest Version:

OFBM 25.1.8

OFBM Short Description:

OFBM is a tiny tool designed to help you avert the irritating situation when explorer.exe crashes and closes all folders that you had opened.

OFBM Free Download

OFBM is one of the simplest backup programs you can use. Due to the fact that it may not be the most powerful tool, but it can make the job easier for those who have no time to learn to use complicated backup programs. As for its price, it is relatively cheap since you do not have to use a licensed version. The provided trial version enables you to have a better idea regarding the utility before you decide to use it. Just download the trial version to your computer and then install it in a way that you wish to use it. Don’t hesitate and get the trial version!

OFBM Offline Installer | v25.1.7

OFBM Free Download

OFBM was designed to help you save all open folders in your PC even in the event of a system crash. However, you may want to restore the folder that you had just opened by the time you experience an explorer crash. To begin with, OFBM comes with its own archive that you can either save on your hard drive or use the information that you have already got to make a system restore in case of explorer.exe crashes.

OFBM Main Features:

OFBM can create automatic backups and save all open folders.

It is possible to easily open any saved backup on your PC.

OFBM has an archive feature that comes with its own metadata.

If you make an OFBM backup while it is not running, then you will not lose any information

System Requirements For OFBM:

PC Minimum:
NVIDIA GTX560 or better
Intel HD4000 or better
AMD HD7970 or better
Windows 7 or 8.1 with latest drivers
Minimum 2.2GHz processor
Minimum 4GB RAM
Windows 10 with latest drivers
Minimum 2.3GHz processor
Minimum 8GB RAM
Radeon HD or better, NVidia GT or better
Radeon Wattman or equivalent in NVidia Control Panel