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Feb 5, 2019
Introduction to Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation: Case Study.
Nov 11, 2018
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It’s been a bad day on the interstate.

The American Trucking Associations points out on its new driver dashboard that just a handful of drivers were involved in large accidents or other incidents that resulted in “large fines” for violators.

Those include a 2017 incident in North Dakota, where a Minnesota trucker pleaded guilty to 45 federal and state charges, including a host of safety violations. The trucker, whose company was insured by J.B. Hunt, was accused of running over a trucker from New York, and in a separate incident that led to a death, allegedly drove over a motorcyclist.

This story is developing and will be updated.

J.B. Hunt issued a statement to Minnesota Public Radio: “In incidents such as this, we take reports of aggressive driving seriously, and when the driver has been confirmed, we’ve a zero tolerance policy towards such behavior. After an investigation that included a team from our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, we concluded that no formal disciplinary action was warranted, as the operator did not have a previous record of violations. J.B. Hunt cooperates with all regulatory and law enforcement agencies and self-reports all incidents as part of our commitment to safety.”

While North Dakota police say more charges could follow for the motorcyclist involved in the 2017 incident, he was killed.

The ATA, which says safety is a top priority, also flagged a Tennessee trucker involved in an accident in 2016 in which the other trucker was killed and others were injured.

“We are aware of this matter and will monitor it as we would any incident involving a