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Email Extractor Pro is a free, all-in-one email spider software that extracts email addresses, phone numbers, skype and social media account data from all kind of text sources like your local files, online web pages, plain text drops and the clipboard. Email Extractor can work offline and it supports all popular email clients (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) Email Extractor Pro features include a large set of tools: free and paid extracts from all the main web browsers, advanced regexes, Unicode support, default email addresses, custom providers, campaign management, etc. All in all, it is one of the most powerful and reliable email extractors. But it is also one of the most easy to use. This article is free to read. You agree to the Terms of Use if you Download Email Extractor Pro Crack + Activation Key 2021 If you want a web site to send me email, check out this page.

Unique Features

• NO premium – FREE to try! • Works offline: you can extract email addresses and phone numbers from HTML, plain text and text files; • Automatically detects your default email client. • Supports all major email clients (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, etc.); • Shows all email addresses contained in a text: email addresses that are used in HTML or plain text sources; • Uses Google and Bing web search API; • Stores email addresses collected and displayed; • Emailed the list of found addresses; • Supports multi-thread to speed up the extractions (very powerful); • Faster and much lighter than similar software; • Fully customizable, you can choose the web browsers, the supported keywords, the web pages range and number of threads; • Very fast and powerful, but easy to use; • Customizable list of file formats (HTML, plain text, text files and images); • Possibility to search for everything in a web page using “find in page” feature; • Advanced regex: supports Unicode, enables to specify what is allowed or not in an email address; • No specific requirements: works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This article is free to read. You agree to the Terms

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Email Extractor is a free program for Windows that can extract email addresses from HTML text. It can handle a great amount of email addresses at a time and doesn’t fail if there is a typo. It also allows you to merge the addresses.

An HTML page can have several email addresses in the source code. It might look something like this:

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