Canvas X 2019 19.0.319.0 Keygen

Canvas X 2019 19.0.319.0 Keygen


Canvas X 2019 19.0.319.0 Keygen

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What’s New
– The page borders have been changed on drawing canvas. They are more elastic so they can be resized according to your preferences.
– The change is configurable: border color, height, position, border option (area, rounded or round).
– Now the canvas border is configurable from any active screen (before had to go to the “Screen Options” and modify it there).
– The new canvas is automatically disassembled when losing focus of the page.
– In the File menu, the page background has been replaced with a custom background image.
– Print has been redesigned and optimized to offer better performance.
– Added the ability to change the design dimensions of the canvas. You can also highlight the design by clicking on its border.
– Improved initial design of the canvas: the images have been redistributed in the canvas as a grid. The design can be clicked to add an image or a border and it disappears when adding more design elements (videos and images).
– Added a new toolbar: the Grid view. You can see how the canvas design elements are arranged. To exit the grid view, click on the canvas design edge (like on a regular border). The grid view will continue to show all the design elements (like before).
– In the toolbar, the Flip component has been replaced by a more powerful feature: you can now slide the elements. The slide effect of the elements will also be displayed on the canvas.
– Toolbar and grid view can now be dragged and dropped into any other window. They will reappear in that window after closing the program.
– In the document preview, the original images are displayed when you hover the mouse over them.
– Added a new tab (based on the new document preview tab that is available in the main menu) for archiving image. We added an option to save the current canvas as a PDF for 1, 2 or 3 pages; or just save it as a JPEG or as an image.
– Added a new option (3D Model) to export the current canvas as a 3D model and to export the document’s XML file with the same information.
– Added a new option to export the current canvas to PNG or GIF (by using File -> Export To -> PNG or GIF).
– Added a new type of export on devices: Export to Files.
– By selecting “All files” in the new export file option,

⚠ Learn More:About The New Features & Improvements That Have Been Added To Canvas X 2019.

Features Summary


Easy – Easy drag and drop your own PNG images for use on your website.

Advanced – Advanced canvas editor with some custom features that can make you very comfortable when editing your images.


(Drag and Drop image from iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture, etc)

Copy a path to reuse the image on a different document

Highlight specific areas on an image

Fade highlight color

Stamp images

Adjust opacity using the mask in the inspector

Paste images from other documents

Convert your image into a web 2.0 borderless format

Adding titles and alt images

Book cover options

Save your canvas as JPG or TIF for future use

PNG compression (non-tiled)

Save image locally

Image link generation

Image url path can be customized

Create your own theme colors

Localized presets for specific languages

Save and load canvas presets


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