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The Reserve Bank of Australia is intervening in an effort to keep ailing bank NAB from going under, the Australian central bank said on Tuesday.

The comments from Governor Glenn Stevens come less than a day after NAB was placed in a trading halt, preventing investors from buying its shares.

The state-owned bank, which is in the midst of a sales drive to cut costs, is set to report a pre-tax loss of nearly A$4 billion ($3.5 billion) for its first half of the year when results are released on Thursday.

It had been tipped by analysts to make a quarterly loss of up to A$2 billion at a time when banks are suffering from interest rate cuts and a weak retail sector.

Its sales campaign includes the central bank, which is prepared to invest heavily in NAB to keep it afloat.

“The Reserve Bank is currently in discussions with the financial sector authorities regarding the financial support,” Stevens said at the US-Australian Chamber of Commerce.

“I can confirm that the RBA has actively intervened in the share price of NAB Limited through the open market to support the share price of NAB, and that will be the case in the future,” he added.

The intervention “will be on a case-by-case basis” and is designed to maintain the value of other banks’ shares, he said.

A third of NAB’s shares were traded out of the stock exchange on Tuesday in what was a volatile day for banks which fell when reports the big four are worried about rising loan losses.

By 4:20 pm, 2.5 billion NAB shares were traded, a number below the 2.9 billion NAB shares exchanged on July 1.

“The fundamentals of the NAB business are still strong and the stock has been trading with a big discount to the