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5 days ago
Install Adobe After Effects Pro 2019 (MBR v15 or higher) on a 32-bit Windows version of After Effects.Q:

Not able to fetch data using POST. When using GET its working fine

I am trying to fetch data using a POST Request from a file to my Laravel controller, but i am not able to get anything through it.
I made a Post request in my Postman and it is able to get the data.
In my Laravel Controller, I have –
$status = Input::get(‘status’);
$post_id = Input::get(‘post_id’);
$user_id = Input::get(‘user_id’);

$status is the status, $post_id is the id of the post and $user_id is the id of the user who posted.
When using $_GET it is working fine (I’m able to retrieve the data using this same query).
When using $_POST, $status and $post_id are empty, but $user_id is able to retrieve the data.
My Laravel controller –
public function getPost(Request $request)
$post = Post::find($request->post_id);

return response()->json([‘status’ => ‘Your Post has been view’, ‘post_id’ => $request->post_id, ‘user_id’ => $post->user->id]);


Try accessing the post. $_POST also works with Laravel.
public function getPost(Request $request)
$post = Post::find($request->post_id);

return response()->json([‘status’ => ‘Your Post has been view’, ‘post_id’ => $request->post_id, ‘user_id’ => $post->user->id]);

If you’re still having trouble, add a console.log and see where it’s going wrong and find a way to fix it.

Published On: Oct 20, 2017

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