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How do I remove a pod from kubernetes service?

I created a secret service for my application. I think it is there as a consequence of Kube-proxy running as daemon.
There is a problem with the service, but I don’t understand how to debug it.
kubectl describe service app1
I can see the port 80

kubectl get service app1

To confirm it is running I can access the application server on the host IP.

I want to remove the pod.
I tried removing it using kubectl delete pods app1 which throws:

error: unable to recognize


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.God was watching out for my husband’s Mom after a series of emergency room visits that exhausted her. God worked it out so that we would get to visit her in the hospital. In a moment of quiet time on the ride up, I sensed that she needed to talk to God. So I told her. After that first conversation, we met in the hospital room four days in a row. During that final visit, she said “Now that I’ve talked to God, I’m ready to go home.”

Afterwards, I realized that I had tried to do what I always do when another person is in pain. I worried about her medical condition and watched for signs of improvement. By the time that I left, it had been a month since she had been in the hospital. My way of caring for her really wasn’t working. It wasn’t serving her.

A month later, she was not yet out of the woods. When she got worse, I became upset. I searched for answers. Why had I failed to know about the surgery that she needed to have performed? Why had I failed to talk to her doctor? Why hadn’t I tried to help more? After all, I had more faith. I thought that God knew what He was doing and would do what He wanted to do.

My experiences with God have changed the way I think. I don’t attempt to understand. Instead, I trust God’s wisdom. I listen for His voice.

If you have questions about life, marriage, faith or career, I can help you find the answers.Q:

VBA Code causing ActiveX Automation error

I have a sub in the sheet (data validation). I am getting an error where when I run the code to validate, it says “Automation Error: This application has failed to respond. Please, try again.”
The line being “st.Filter = “Count_ID =’ ” & Session(“district_fname”) & “‘ and Count_Name =’ ” & Session(“district_fname”) &

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